American Oncology Network is not just invested in oncology; we are invested in the people behind every diagnosis, every family affected and every community we serve. Our unwavering focus is on securing the future of community oncology, ensuring that exceptional and equitable cancer care is a reality for all — no matter where they reside. We believe every patient deserves not just access to care right in their own neighborhood but the hope and support necessary to overcome cancer.

Our rapid growth, with a presence in 19 states and counting, is a testament to our commitment. We are closing the cancer care gap by championing community oncology practices that are not only places of healing but the bedrock to ensuring healthcare equity and by being advocates for the shift toward value-based care because of its undeniable results ranging from better health outcomes and improved patient experiences to reducing healthcare costs. We continue to contribute to the rapidly changing healthcare environment by supporting clinical research, targeted therapies and precision oncology.

Through our partnership with providers, we are able to deliver better quality care together. Our providers practice with a “Patient First” mentality that guides us to deliver personalized and advanced, innovative cancer care to every patient. Our providers are caregivers first and foremost, so we help by providing a robust technology-enabled platform that is designed to deliver high-quality cancer care and increase efficiencies. And through our partnership, our providers have access to fully integrated ancillary services such as the specialty pharmacy, lab and pathology, radiation therapy and imaging. These services promote and drive clinical coordination and seamless communication throughout all stages of the care process. Through our collaborative approach, our practices are not only surviving but thriving by sharing resources and expertise across the network and industry, providing access to and leading clinical trials, being at the forefront of clinical innovation and advocating for their patients and the profession of community oncology.

At AON, we are more than a company; we are advocates for those on their cancer journey. With empathy as our compass, we are forging a path toward a future where everyone, regardless of their circumstances, can access the care they deserve. Join us in our mission to transform cancer care, one community at a time, because we believe that every patient’s fight is worth supporting. We make a difference — one community, one patient, one life at a time.