American Oncology Network (AON) and VieCure Announce Strategic Collaboration to Accelerate Adoption of Precision Oncology and Personalized Cancer Care

February 23, 2022

Collaboration offers clinicians access to a state-of-the-art, cloud based oncology decision support platform that fully integrates the latest codified clinical content and generates patient specific treatment plans at point of care. AON and VieCure have also committed to jointly advancing a multi-year technology development roadmap to ensure the latest clinical tools and content needed are available to participating clinicians and their patients

Denver, CO and Fort Myers, FL, February 23, 2022 – American Oncology Network, LLC (AON) , a high-growth medical oncology provider with a focus on supporting the long-term viability of oncology treatment in community-based settings, announced today a strategic collaboration with VieCure, a national leader in the deployment of Artificial Intelligence (AI), codified clinical content and point-of-care clinical decision support in oncology. The collaboration is designed to facilitate the delivery of precision oncology and personalized care and treatment for patients across the ever-expanding AON network.

Foundational to the future of oncology treatment is the execution of a vision for personalized medicine. Realizing this vision requires access to patients, oncologists and robust molecular information and patient outcomes data. This strategic collaboration will serve as a key vehicle to do just that. AON oncologists and staff will improve clinical decision-making at the individual patient level, while standardizing care plans and associated care delivery across the patient population to better outcomes. Longitudinal information which tracks the same type of information on the same patient at multiple times will be generated in real time as patients move throughout their complex cancer care journey. This information will be used to evaluate treatment approaches, create new value-based care funding options, improve overall treatment outcomes and provide insights into next generation prevention, screening, diagnostic and therapeutic opportunities. Given the value of the data and associated insights, AON and VieCure will work jointly with industry on transformational initiatives.

The parties have strategically aligned to accelerate the adoption of three critically important paradigm shifts that are currently underway in oncology, including: (1) the compliant use of next generation tumor sequencing, targeted therapy, immunotherapy and emerging therapies such as radio-ligands; (2) the transition to value-based care, and (3) increasing patient participation in the management of their care given more and more patients are living longer with their disease and being treated at home. While these transformational changes are improving overall survival and quality of life for patients, they are also driving the need for change at the point of care given oncologists are having to evaluate an ever growing amount of patient data and clinical evidence.

“Clinicians want to do what’s best for their patients, for their staff and for practices,” said Dr. Stephen “Fred” Divers, Chairman of the AON Advisory Board and a practicing Medical Oncologist. “They want to make the right decisions at the right time, but they’re often overwhelmed by data which is poorly accessible and manageable, leading to clinical workflow burdens which get in the way of achieving the best outcomes for their patients. They need a technology solution that helps simplify cancer’s complexities and empowers them to do their best. At AON, we partner with physicians and their practices to help them navigate the complex oncologic landscape, improve quality of care and elevate oncology in community settings. VieCure aligns perfectly with that mission.”

AON leadership recognized the need for 21st century clinical decision making tools and turned to VieCure to be their partner. The two entities will work together to codify AON’s unique clinical content including but not limited to therapeutic and drug contracts, commercial payer rules and clinical trials.

“We understand that knowledge is the secret to beating cancer,” said Dr. Fred Ashbury, Chief Scientific Officer at VieCure. “That’s why we’re embracing the power of clinical inferencing to do what the human brain cannot, which is to enable clinicians to easily sift through the overwhelming amount of information to find the right answers for every patient, every time. At VieCure we’re about creating simplexity in cancer care, which means we use AI technology to cut through the dense fog of information that holds clinicians back; we help to superpower them to do their best work. By codifying the latest in clinical evidence and financial rules, we can envelop our clinicians with a halo of knowledge in real time which can be easily and quickly interpreted and actioned right at the point of care.”

The multi-year strategic collaboration will not only serve to meet the clinical needs of the AON community today but will ensure the VieCure™ platform evolves over time. Together the parties have committed to:

  • Joint research and development, creating and deploying new features and technology innovations as the oncology landscape changes.
  • Advancing access to, and administration of, the latest codified content including national and international evidence, therapy (eg. drug/bio-similar) agreements, and phase I, II, and III clinical trials.
  • Centralization of precision oncology infrastructure including one-click order entry for next generation tumor sequencing and the return of relevant discrete data to facilitate real-time clinical inferencing of results to help guide treatment selection and management decisions. 
  • Facilitation of joint/new partnerships with industry collaborators – clinical research, radiation therapy, radioligand, pharma and molecular diagnostic partners.
  • Facilitating clinical paradigm shifts and appropriate adoption of radioligand therapy, proteomics, biology guided radiotherapy, digital transformation at the patient/family level, and more.
  • Advancing value-based care in a personalized cancer care and precision oncology environment.


About American Oncology Network, LLC: (
American Oncology Network, LLC (AON) is an alliance of physicians and seasoned healthcare leaders partnering to ensure the long-term success of community oncology. Launched in 2018, the rapidly growing AON network represents 105 physicians and 79 nurse practitioners and physician assistants practicing across 16 states. The executive management team of AON brings more than three decades of oncology practice management experience, enabling physicians to focus on what matters most – providing the highest quality care for patients.

The organization provides unique and comprehensive protocols for managing administrative procedures and enhancing ancillary services for its affiliates. AON is able to aggregate volume and attain economies of scale, as it guides its member physicians and practices through the transition to value-based reimbursement models that improve the patient experience and help to reduce the per-capita cost of cancer care.

AON also provides a unique model of physician led, community-based oncology management. With services such as a centralized specialty pharmacy, diagnostics, pathology, fully integrated electronic medical records, a care management team and a variety of financial assistance programs, an alliance with AON ensures that patients’ experiences will be at the very pinnacle of cancer care today.

About VieCure
VieCure has developed a proprietary artificial intelligence informatics software platform in conjunction with a clinical inference engine and point of care decision support system in oncology. The VieCure™ platform combines the latest in clinical knowledge with patient data to assist clinicians in generating personalized treatment plans and better managing a patient’s treatment throughout diagnosis, cancer therapy, and ongoing follow-up care. VieCure was launched in 2015 and has contracted with leading community oncology cancer centers like the Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders (Fort Worth, Texas), Alabama Cancer Care (Tuscaloosa, Alabama), Clermont Oncology (Clermont, Florida), and several others including the American Oncology Network. The VieCure contracted cancer center network now includes more than 100 locations in the United States, the Bahamas and Antigua. Active implementation of the VieCure platform is occurring in network locations across the United States and the Caribbean. For more information, please visit and connect with VieCure on LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube.