American Oncology Network Continues to Close Cancer Care Gap in Community-Based Oncology

March 22, 2023

AON’s dedication to closing the cancer care gap is evident in its 2022 achievements.

FORT MYERS, Fla., Mar. 22, 2023 – American Oncology Network, LLC (AON), nationwide network supporting the viability of community-based oncology practices in the United States, achieved key outcomes in 2022 that have paved the way for increased growth and influence in closing the cancer care gap.

“Closing the cancer care gap is an initiative toward addressing healthcare equity and ensuring every patient has access to quality care and services,” said Stephen “Fred” Divers, MD, AON’s chief medical officer who is also an active board member of the Community Oncology Alliance (COA) and co-chairman of COA’s annual conference. “At AON, we are constantly driving toward reducing the disparities in cancer care. Supporting community oncology practices is one avenue to keep cancer care accessible and affordable for millions of Americans. These homegrown clinics benefit the community by offering the same quality care and services found in hospitals locally, reducing patients’ need to travel far for treatments, and keeping costs of care low when compared to being treated at a hospital.”

In 2022, AON achieved the following outcomes, directly influencing the cancer care gap:

  • Processed 1.25 million clinical tests through the in-house laboratory.
  • Secured $47.56 million in total pharmacy patient assistance for 3,878 patients.
  • Sourced over $3.5 million in drug replacement and $52.8 million in co-pay assistance for over 4,700 patients.
  • Assisted in enrolling 263 patients into clinical trials and offered more than 150 clinical trials throughout the network.
  • Reduced healthcare costs (patient and payer savings and provider cost avoidance) by $56.21 million by using biosimilar drugs when appropriate.

“Working toward healthcare equity is a global shift and team effort from all involved in healthcare and across disciplines,” said Todd Schonherz, AON’s chief executive offer. “While it is a large-scale effort, we can make our impact on improving this area. Our goal is not met until accessible and equitable cancer care is available to all. We celebrate our 2022 achievements but recognize that we must build upon what we have created to help more people overcome the barriers that keep them from receiving care.”


AON has dedicated 2023 to driving equity forward in oncology care. Such initiatives include delivering precision medicine across its practice sites and advocating for it as a standard of care; adopting next-generation sequencing to identify genetic tumor mutations to better align therapies for treatment; and providing structure and organization to clinical records and genomic data.

AON will be attending the Community Oncology Conference, hosted by Community Oncology Alliance (COA) on March 23 and 24. Company leaders and representatives will be available for more information on how AON can help practices stay independent and thrive and close the cancer care gap in their communities. Additionally, AON’s Chief Executive Officer Schonherz and Chief Pharmacy and Clinical Services Officer James Gilmore will serve as panelists for two conference sessions. For more information on the conference, agenda and speakers, visit

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About American Oncology Network, LLC
The American Oncology Network, LLC (AON), an Inc. 5000-recognized company, is an alliance of physicians and seasoned healthcare leaders partnering to ensure the long-term success of community oncology. Launched in 2018, the rapidly expanding AON network represents 106 physicians and 86 nurse practitioners and physician assistants practicing across 17 states. The executive management team of AON encompasses more than three decades of oncology practice management experience, enabling physicians to focus on what matters most — providing the highest quality care for patients.

The organization provides unique and comprehensive protocols for managing administrative procedures and enhancing ancillary services for its affiliates. AON is able to aggregate volume and attain economies of scale, as it guides its member physicians and practices through the transition to value-based reimbursement models that improve the patient experience and help to reduce the per-capita cost of cancer care.

AON also provides a unique model of physician-led, community-based oncology management. With services such as a centralized specialty pharmacy, diagnostics, pathology, fully integrated electronic medical records, a care management team and a variety of financial assistance programs, an alliance with AON ensures that patients’ experiences are at the very pinnacle of cancer care today. Learn more at

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