Cancer and Blood Specialists of Georgia Opens New Oncology Clinic in Cumming

February 6, 2024
The community oncology practice is equipped to treat a wide variety of cancer types and is open to both new and current patients.


CUMMING, Ga., February 6, 2024 –  Cancer and Blood Specialists of Georgia, a partner practice of American Oncology Network (AON) (Nasdaq: AONC), announced today the opening of its new clinic in Cumming, which is located at 101 Greenfield Drive, Suite 220.

The clinic is the second location for the practice with the first being established in Johns Creek, which opened to the community in September 2022. The dedicated space is designed to provide cancer care and services in a comfortable and compassionate environment that promotes patient health and wellness.

The clinic is over 4,000 square feet and includes four private exam rooms and nine infusion chairs. Board-certified medical oncologists Sreekanth C. Reddy, MD, and Aneesha Ananthula, MD, along with the practice’s nurse practitioner Meredith Kirk, APRN, will serve patients at the new clinic.

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“I am thrilled to announce the expansion of our practice,” said Dr. Reddy. “It has been our honor to serve the patients in Johns Creek, and we are honored to have the opportunity to bring our care to the Cumming community. Our new clinic will provide the critical healthcare services needed to treat various cancer types and be delivered through our holistic and personalized care approach.”

Cancer and Blood Specialists of Georgia is a community-based practice that delivers a variety of cancer services. Through its partnership with AON, the practice is able to provide essential services such as the centralized laboratory and pathology, an in-house specialty pharmacy for oral oncologic prescriptions and a care coordination program as well as financial counseling for patients. The new clinic will continue to provide these comprehensive care services and support that mirrors the patient offerings at Johns Creek.

“No matter where our patients decide to receive care, they will encounter the same experience at both clinics, which is grounded in delivering compassionate cancer care at all times and the patient-first mentality,” said Dr. Reddy. “We look forward to serving this new community.”

“At AON, we are continuously looking for opportunities to help community oncology practices expand so that they can improve access to cancer care,” said Stephen “Fred” Divers, MD, AON’s chief medical officer. “We remain firm in our commitment that these necessary healthcare services should be available and accessible to all — no matter the patient’s location. Congratulations to the practice on the new clinic, and we are ready to support the care team as they serve this new community.”

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